Instructions for Healing:

  1. As instructed by artist, leave on the transparent/second skin bandage up to 7 days. (It is perfectly normal to have some fluid build up under the bandage)
  2. Please avoid any extra heavy activity, sun exposure, picking and scratching. For best result, avoid moisture and heat. Skin will be incredibly sensitive to heat (heat rash) and sweat when second skin is in use.
  3. Remove on the 7th day in a hot shower with soap and water, pulling the bandage back and away not out. Then clean, pat dry and add daily non-scented moisturizer as part of daily routine. It is normal if there is adhesive residue left behind from the bandage on the skin after removal. You can use a bit of baby oil to remove it. Then re-wash with unscented soap and warm water. It may take a couple days to completely remove the adhesive.


Please Note: If you have any unusual irritation, discomfort or redness please call 902-259-2361 or contact me at before removing the bandage. I may ask you to send a pic of the tattoo and the surrounding area.

** If I can’t be reached or do not respond with in 4 hours, then follow theses instructions: Remove bandage and clean with non-scented soap, pat dry with paper towel. Then apply a light amount of Polysporin on tattoo and any irritation surrounding the tattoo. Make note if it feels and/or looks better by next day. **


Things NOT to Do:

  • Do not touch or scratch your tattoo.
  • Do not expose to direct sun or go sun tanning until it is healed.
  • Do not go swimming until it is completely healed.
  • Do not let your pets touch your tattoo before it is healed.