Day One

  • Leave wrapped until bedtime.
  • Remove bandage, wash tattoo well with warm water and a little antibacterial soap.
  • Apply Ocean Care and rewrap your tattoo with Cling Wrap.

Day Two – Day Four

  • Remove bandage upon waking.
  • Wash the tattoo, pat dry only with fresh paper towel and then apply Ocean Care.
  • You DO NOT want the tattoo “goopy” so gently work it into the skin!
  • Then rewrap your tattoo.
  • Repeat this at mid-day and before bed.

Day Five and Beyond

  • Upon waking unwrap your tattoo
  • No longer rewrapping your tattoo from this point on.
  • Wash the tattoo, pat dry only with fresh paper towel and then apply Ocean Care.
  • Once your tattoo feels itchy and starts to flake and peel (much like a sunburn) you can continue to apply Ocean Care or unscented moisturizing cream as many times as possible throughout the day (we recommend 7 times daily). This will help the skin to recover faster.
  • DO NOT pick or scratch at your healing tattoo!
  • You should not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or tanning beds for 6 weeks.
  • DO NOT soak healing tattoos.
  • DO NOT use Polysporin or any other medicated ointments on the healing tattoo unless directed otherwise by the artist!

The tattoo is now your responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns with your tattoo and its healing, please contact the artist!

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Here is another daith piercing Jason did with an titanium anodized heart. ... See MoreSee Less

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I was happy to do this piece for my client. I portrait of his sons eye. Representing his sons view of the world as a child with #autism #autismawareness ... See MoreSee Less

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A cool anodized titanium heart for someone's daith they can in looking for something pretty and sure found it. ... See MoreSee Less

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